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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Some wishes :)

Hoho, smile smile smile and smile !
so, my baby blog ni akan jarang la dijenguk dan update -.-
I'm too busy with my life now.
Being a servant of Allah, daughter for mak and abah, friend for my girlfriendssss,
a student of driving school -.-....and for someone specialllllllll :>
Ouh very tired, suck, sometimes. Hahaha.
Belajar memasak lg. Jyeaaahhh! My cooking is getting better now.
How about my routine life? 
Making cookies, cupcakes...yum yum yum ^_^
so that's my income.
kcing kcing! $_$ hahaha
so I asked my lil sistassss to sell it. Brilliant what ?? :):):)
sebulan tak la byk memandangkan cume penganggur semantara.
dalam 100-200 je. Buat dlm rumah je.
Patut la gemok, pemalas TTTT_____TTTT
I love my life now. May Allah ease my life. Ameen.
Till then. Pen off! Salam 'alaik :D

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